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Saturday, June 11, 2011

OSHA IS BACK JUNE 13th for Roofers

Starting June 13th the regulations that were suspended fifteen years ago are back. The small things like drinking cups, hospital locations, and bailing wire on extension cords are not the big one. Fall protection is.

The 120 new enforcement officers for OSHA will certainly descend upon Irving due to the massive hail storm and easy pickings. Sure they want the money but that is how they teach:fines.

The conundrum is the safety harnesses that keep roofers from falling make the work much more difficult. Imagine trying to tear off roofing with a lasso hooked to your back that keeps getting wrapped around pipes, chimneys, skylights, toe board brackets on steep roofs... and your legs. These guys are going to trip and stumble but they won't get killed in a fall. They will fall a little more often but die less often too.

In 1995 we complied with the rules and purchased the equipment. The roofers would put all the protection in place and then not hook the rope to their backs. Many roofers went next door to roof for the guys who didn't enforce the ruling. Chaos reigned and costs soared.

We invoiced the insurance companies for more and they went out and took pictures of the guys whenever they released the hook. If only for a second the y claimed the provisions were not being followed.

Anyway, the fights begins between myself, the roofers, and the insurance companies. I just don't want to fight OSHA, because I won't win that one. 

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