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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Residential and Commercial Roofing.Differences

About all residential and commercial roofing companies have in common is that both work on top and keep water out. It stops there.
Residential roofers want to ventilate while flat roofers don't want any air to escape the building. This can be measured and regulated through the LEEDs program. Escaping air on a flat roof equals a leak. Flat roofs don't have attics to ventilate.
Slope roofing is usually on a wood deck while low slope roofs are primarily placed on metal decks with one of several surface leveling and insulating subroofs. The radical difference in design means that two very distinct concepts are used. The sloped roofs shed water while the flat ones seal it out.
Occasionally the pitched roof on a home will be attached to a flat or near flat section that requires knowledge of flat systems. This is why many flat roofs on homes leak. The wrong type of roofer and roofing system was chosen.
Just because both are called roofers doesn't mean they do the same job.
When a built up roofer gets on a white composition roof to fix a leak, he smears black tar, known as pookie, all over the place. That is what he knows to do. He has no aesthetic section in his brain. He might sprinkle granules on it. That's what commercial roofers do.
When the composition roofer gets on a flat roof, he'll put more and more tar on a leak area, right over the gravel. The asphalt, having no membranes to hold it together, will crack and peel off.
When selecting a roofer, hire an appropriate one, one with the skills that match your needs. You wouldn't hire a dentist to deliver your baby, a defense attorney for your corporate charter, or a welder to fix your motherboard.
We Master Elite are residential roofing experts that emphasize longer lasting leak resistant roofs that perform better than other company's roofs because they really have no idea how to ventilate. They think random holes are appropriate ventilation systems and that air nailing is as good or better than hand nailing. We can deliver the guarantees to back up our service and have our guarantees backed up by the manufacturer.
We also make your HVAC contractor look like a hero because his equipment will last longer with one of our roofs on the home rather than the other guy's. Just yesterday I was talking to an old friend who has been in the business since at least 1989 and he didn't know what "The 300 Rule" is. He never heard of it. Our customers know more about ventilation and its relationship to your entire health and financial structures than other roofing company salesmen. We are pretty weak when it comes to the Wind Uplift Ratings like I-60 or I-90 ratings of commercial roofs. In the commercial roofing industry there are a lot of bad roofers that do not know what they need to know and wind uplift ratings is one of their most important technical issues.
Roofing is a science and it has many branches. A good roofing contractor will know a little about different roof types out of his field of expertise so he'll know how to "tie into" them when they are attached to his roof or so he'll know when to contact someone else when he shouldn't be doing the work.
I asked my primary supplier if he knew a commercial roofer who didn't do residential roofs and he said they all do. He said it was too easy to set up a small division to roof homes. Even my supplier, like my friend, like most roofers, don't know what they need to know to make a good roof system. My supplier flatters me by saying he knows we must do a better job because of the sheer number of roof accessories we buy from him that our competitors don't buy but he is also subliminally judging our quality based on dollars of product purchased per order. He has begun to realize his attic is not vented right. He wants me to evaluate it for him. Yet he still sees that most roofers don't do what we do so he has this opinion that the other roofers are okay and we're good. The reality is that we are very good and the others are horrible.
Jon Wright


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