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Thursday, April 15, 2010


The sales technicians at Jon Wright Roofing are required to take the GAF CARE training courses in order to stay sharp and informed. Last week two of our employees and myself took the Vinyl Siding Institute certification class and test. In a week several of us will be taking the "Lead Abatement Certification" that requires a certified lead abatement specialist to be on all properties built before 1978 if windows, siding, or painting is done, and anytime six square feet of painted material is changed. In my figuring, a 1.5"x1.5" piece of metal edge has 0.25 square feet per foot. Therefore 24 feet of metal edge or several painted roof flashing meets that criteria.
The rule states that lead testing must be done prior to the start of work. A certified lead abatement person must be on the job at the start and end and certain rules must be followed for tarping, employee protection, homeowner protection and disposal. I'll update this blog after our training. The fines are $32,500.00 per day for those not in compliance with the new EPA Renovator, Remodeler and Painter (RRP) Rule that takes effect in April 2010. That would put me out of business in just a short time. I don't want to consider going out of business after 31 years just for a few square feet of painted whatever.
Besides, every week we have an in-house training and question session.
The installers get safety raining as well as installation training. We are working to having every one of our installers certified.
Last week we went to the Don Young Window factory for training. Last month several of us went to the GAF Master Elite Conference in San Antonio. Next week, we hope to have Kevin Nelson, the territory manager for Mastic, formerly Alcoa, come to further our knowledge of siding and making siding waterproof.
My technicians are all working to become Slate Crafter Certified, low slope and several other GAF levels of training. When we install the Golden Pledge System, GAF will perform a forty point inspection.
You might wonder how we ever have the time to do all this. It's easy, we don't have much time wasted on call-backs or other complaints. That's why we are GAF Master Elite, have an A+ rating at the BBB, and an A rating at Angie's List. As Texas doesn't feel it's necessary to license roofers, foundation companies, or many other trades, we recommend you join Angie's list for your own protection. Here are some of the reasons to join.
We get trained, have joined many trade organizations, and try our best to be the most professional and educated renovator company in America.
Jon Wright