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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Corruption and Criminals

As I merrily left a home in Irving where I had just left my smiles turned to horror. Roofing signs everywhere by one company. I had just been on one of the roofs a couple of weeks ago owned by an employee of a large insurance company and it was hail dent free. The roll roofing I had just looked at was dent free and it had buckles in it. It was a poor 90 lb roof. I had replaced the roof on that house 25 years ago but about five years ago a stormer came through and got a lot of roofs totaled in the neighborhood. He got my friend a roof and did a redeck and a small patio. They left my BUR on the second story alone and it's still there in great shape. I fixed some bad spots on the roll roofing three years ago but a bad job can only be coaxed along for so long.
Yet, not a mark on the roof. I called the office and Alex said I was on the roof around the corner owned by Mr. Insurance on April 23 and it has not hailed in this barrio since then. It has hardly even rained. I know. I live just a couple of blocks away.
I called an agent friend of mine because the homeowner whose roof was replaced worked for the same insurance company. The fraud investigator called me and said the guy used to be his boss. He said the photos showed lots of hail.
I told the "victim," as the fraud investigator called him, that his roof was old but there wasn't even hits on the soft metal. The roof had no hail damage. Period. None. Nada. I also said that there is a roofer in the area getting roofs totaled but I don't know how unless he is fabricating the hail.
This roofer is fabricating hail. It looks like lots of it. The investigator said one of the roofs being replace in the area only received a small amount from the insurance.
Why would that be?
Anyway the detective said he was investigating at least forty companies for imitation man made hail. He calls it vandalism. Let me tell you, the Vandals never banged an asphalt roof with a hammer. They raped, pillaged, and burned baby. Like grandpa said:If you're gonna steal, do it big. Just kidding but it fit so nicely.
twenty $25,000.00 roofs is a lot of money. Spread that out amongst several companies and nobody notices.
I will testify. I really hate to look stupid at what I do. I told this "victim" that his roof had no damage. The photos contradict me so I look dumb.
I will exact a pound of asphalt from the wound. My reputation is at stake while these vandalitos pillage my town.
Edmund Burke said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.’
What would you do if you found a wallet?...full of money?
Now I don't love insurance companies nor do I hate them. I argue with them all the time but many trust me to tell the truth. We fight over money. We fight over area and details and how much damage is on a roof. But when I go to a potentially big dollar roof, let's say about $25,000.00, and I say it has no hail damage, you better believe that it doesn't. I really want it to be damaged, even just a little. Something to argue. Straws to grasp.
Maybe more than that but enough to reasonable show that the roof cannot be repaired to its original condition.
For the last five years a different company has come through this area every year pulling several roofs out. When they got the roof that I had done before and am about to repair, they also got one of my old customers roof totaled. We did the roof. I didn't see much damage but it was bought. It had some but I think it was from repeated tree limb crashes.
Now the neighborhood looks like Dresden. I can hear the sirens roaring. Dogs and cats crushed. Cows turned into tacos. Lawns aerated. Building material shortages. Hotels filled to the brim. Out of state plates. Contractors furiously ringing doorbells and pushing homeowners to sign contracts because they're the best.
No, it's only Maxwell and his silver hammer:
Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Came down upon her head (roof).
Clang! Clang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Made sure that she was dead (totalled).

Come Judgment Day the triple scales are coming out and which circle of heaven or hell Dante's God is allotted to you might be determined by a couple of roofing granules illegally knocked from a roof. Whether you are the knocker or knockee makes little difference. Just don't get knocked.

What would you do?