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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thar's a lot of space out there people are paying taxes on and they're doing nothing with it. My last blog was on not letting your soil dry out but if you have an acreage that is being irradiated daily, why not harvest photons. Create a little shade, have us build a portable building with solar roof panels glazed together for a roof. Put up some shade for Betsy and have a happy cow. Collect the rain water on the drain side and have a happier cow.
We'll soon be installing photo voltaic curtain walls for patio enclosures. These double pane windows will help with your low environmental ethic standard that others are talking about right now.
If you have a remodel need, think how solar might fit in.
Plus the lowering of your home or business energy usage through energy efficiency will lower the number of kilowatts you'll need to offset with a PV system. New windows, attic ventilation systems (and not randomly placed holes), better appliances, and so on will not only save money, they'll make you healthier, safer, more comfortable, and blah! If you didn't read my earlier ditties you missed these points.
Make yourself happier, intrinsically, internally, by being a better environethicist. If not for you, for your grandchildren.