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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Roof Forum Readers

Let's get this straight. I'm not a nut. At least not as much as you think I am but I do know roofing. I try to make this site entertaining so that in the dissemination of good roofing practices you won't be bored to tears. It's not like roofing is an exciting topic to anyone but me.
Even we roofers have a hard time reading roofing magazines. Those periodicals are so lame that you can't do it unless the content is something you're really interested in. Besides you have to wake up to finish the article.
Roofing literature is even worse. Do you like reading the instructions on how to set up your new TV or stereo?
I didn't think so.
I ask one thing of you my friend. Please hit the "follower" button so I'll know you're out there. If no one is reading this I'll go write about something else like politics or migrating wildebeests. Oops, I already have.
To you roofers who read, hook your wagon and you'll see your SEO go up and so will mine. You don't know me because its a large planet, or town, and we might cross paths only a few times anyway. If my SEO goes up .01% in your town and 2%in Irving but yours goes up 2% in your town, then you are better off. It's all about addresses, content, followers, and luck. Never forget lady luck. That's how you met your wife.
I know this site comes up in a lot of searches and I pay for that in a number of way, the primary one being hard work. You see I'm a hunt and peck kind of guy. There weren't computers when I was in college and my mother typed my term papers for me.
So let's become friends. You can even e mail me questions or comments and I'll be glad to discuss things with you. Don't be afraid to post comments and if you disagree I encourage to comment even more. Just keep it clean.