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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Open Letter to Oklahoma

Stay away from them darn out of state roofers.
Check their car plates, check their drivers license, ask for local references for your salesman, get out the bones and shake the chicken claw.
These guys are lying and don't give a hoot about your family, your home, or even their own family, that they have abandoned thousands of miles away. If they're sooooo good, why did they go to your town? don't they have any customers to service back home? How will they service you when they are gone.
Here, when I go to a restaurant or a store I see my customers. They see my signs in the parking lot and come find me. Hugs and hand shakes.
Do you think this will happen with you and the guy who lied and said he was local. There are a lot of ways to make yourself look local. Buy or rent and existing company for a short duration, keep a one line listing in big cities in case of hail so you'll look local, lie, cheat, and, er, steel roofs.
Window replacement is a perfect analogy. If you buy from a local manufacturer and a problem arises, a technician will come very quickly. If the manufacturer is out of the area it might be six months.
But lets get down and dirty, honest, to the point. These unemployed vagabonds print some signs and promise the moon. "Hurry, sign now, knock, ring, HEY! I know you're in there."
If you need an answer now, the answer is no.
It may not hail for years, if ever, and you'll be stuck with the so called roof you bought. Think about the day you go to sell it and the home inspector said that the roof is scuffed up. The installers followed the same migratory path that the contractorbagger did and they care even less. They haven't even learned to speak English. Who is controlling them?
You have two years, at least, if you file for an extension, and if it leaks the insurance will pay for a temporary repair.
This is your home. Your kids live there. If the migratory animal knows not what "The 300 Rule" is, then he'll make your kids sick, he cost you a bundle in utilities and HVAC repairs, and scar your home.
The Red River should become a DMZ.
Please be careful and don't get in a hurry.