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Thursday, January 27, 2011

GAF Seminar on TPO Roof: The Great Slaughter

Today we went to a roofing supply to hear an in depth presentation of TPO commercial roofing. The seminar was held in the warehouse by GAF.

Here's a recap of the meeting:

When the meeting started several people complained they couldn't hear over the International Forklift  Rodeo Competition. After 30 minutes of noise I started complaining but to no avail. I asked everyone around me if they could hear and it was unanimous: No. Better percentage than an Egyptian election. Mubarak only received 93% of the vote. I endured 30 minutes more of cruel and unusual punishment before I snapped and gave away the top secret invasion plans. I still had most of my fingernails and teeth so I knew that my commander would finish the job.

No wonder flat roofs today, even with the better materials, are just as pathetic as they have ever been. Demented roofers suffering from Post Traumatic Toxic Shock syndrome are acting as Manchurian Candidates. If their blood pressure was as high as mine was we need to open a triage center immediately.

With just enough gray matter left for reflex action, I crawled out of the cave and realized I was also suffering from oxygen deprivation as a result of all the carbon monoxide poisoning going on. Once back on my feet I called in an air strike but the haze shielded the building from detection. Plus the echos endangered friendlies for blocks around.

"The Great Slaughter" occurred today. Decades will pass before my anxiety will allow me to enter a warehouse again and our population rises to pre-plague numbers.

See you in the ER.

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Unknown said...

I too have had the pleasure of attending a different manufacturer's attempt to provide a product presentation in a working warehouse all whilst getting two earfuls of horns, forklifts and machinery in the background drowning out everything that was said. I left early because the presenter / speaker couldn't and/or wouldn't move the meeting to a better location. Thankfully this hasn't happened to me since then. On a weekly basis we at Jon Wright Industries have training sessions on a large variety of industry related subjects and have soooo many certifications. If you don't work with Jon Wright but desire to be better educated, then read Jon's blogs here or on his blog site at: P.S. Type out the complete address for his blog site.