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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Good is Employee Is Like A Roof

He is not heard from much but is always vigilant. When severe storms hit he is there keeping out the bad elements. Through hot summers and cold winters he is expected to work just the same.
With time he looks weathered but still keeps out the weather but with his first failure his whole existence is reconsidered. Twenty years of unbending loyal service and off to the trash heap of history this guy goes to be replaced by something newer and prettier.

Boy am I a cold old Ayn Rand capitalist pig.

Now how much an old employee tries he becomes the old outdated one unless.....he studies, he improves, he keeps up. Because it is not the roof that is the employee but your roofing contractor. They don't throw roofers in the landfill. They throw them off the roof sometimes.

Plato, through Socratic ventriloquism, asks who is the better doctor, the old country doctor who doesn't know why things work but knows what works or the young whipper snapper fresh out of medical school who doesn't have the experience but knows why things work?

Give up? Most say it is the old experience doctor but they are wrong.
Both. The old country doctor that keeps studying and keeps up. See! Old man fresh out of school.

There is no way the punk can keep up with the old guy if the old guy keeps learning. But as soon as brain plasticity gives, the old guy is on his way out.

You can prevent this with diet, exercise, and walking a wide path. If you walk a narrow path the path becomes very familiar and well worn but if you stray from it you are lost. A man of wide path, and not a fatso, is one who reads, plays chess, listens to various forms of music (not rap) and experiences new things continually. There is no fountain of youth but there is a slowing of the space time/continuum. And knowledge is wealth.

Now look at your roofer. Has he read anything lately? Can he read? Does he have training, certifications, awards? Or is he stuck in 1984 listening to the Bee Gees. Times were bad when they were good.

Since Texas won't certify roofers, the manufacturers do. Whether it is a TPO, SBS, Timberline, Presidential, Gerard, or whatever, there are diplomas available for those who can and will maneuver the minefield.

"Oh he dudn't know nuthin...he's a college boy." Ignorance is so blissful that the dispossessed of ration and experience can't even fathom that with time most products and systems improve. Their collective brains are on the shelf and no one can help them. They cannot and should not be dragged from the cave because when they come up here they will hurt us.

Leave the thinking to those with ration.
Now I really enjoy my job. As Winston Churchill said: If you find a job you really enjoy you'll never work again.

We miss Jo Anderson from GAF. We welcome Kenny Brock.

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