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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Metal Roof Over Wood Roof Fears: Hot and Noisy

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I actually feel kind of silly asking this question because I run a web site selling roofing products, but here goes anyway. I have a cedar shake roof that is about 35 years old and it starting to become very brittle. I've seen these metal shakes out there and think they look quite nice, but I am curious what some of the pros and cons are? For example am I going to lose R-Value, are they noisy in rain storms, and are they more expensive than just doing cedar shakes again?
Pretty good question really. Don't worry about noise but if you like listening to the rain hitting your roof, you will never hear it with a metal roof over another roof. If you have wood shakes, and not wood shingles, the effect will be about the same. Remember to sleeve the ventilators so that the air that is being moved by the chimney effect between the wood roof and the metal roof does not stop the attic air from venting unimpeded from the bottom to the top. The best bet, if you are going 5/6th's of the financial road with a metal shake, preferably Gerard for appearance and customer service, just go ahead and remove the wood roof and install the radiant barrier deck with synthetic felt and leak protector around all the penetrations. You don't want a big ice day to get you and you do want to cut utility costs and HVAC repairs, besides having a comfortable home. The attic is really neat because one light bulb will really light things up. Remember not to place the radiant barrier decking directly to the lathe or your attic will get hotter.
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