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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Conqueror Has Become The Conquered: The Transformation of GAF Into Elk

When I heard that GAF was going to use a new improved sealant and add granules to the back of the rechristened Timberline Ultra, the name it used to have, I thought about the old saying that the conqueror becomes the conquered.

Just as the Normans, who had conquered England and took the thrown, eventually became English, adding to the language but not improving the food (that would be unenglish) and the Mongolians were absorbed into Chinese culture after having conquered them, GAF has become Elk.

Certainly the Elk and Prestique monikers have finally been dropped from that cumbersome name, "GAF Elk Timberline Prestique High Definition 30 year", to the more friendly "GAF Timberline Lifetime" title, but the transformation under the skin has been more radical. Those traits that had made Elk a growing threat to the hegemony of the Empire of GAF have resurrected themselves not only in the actual product colors and traits but in a cutting edge boldness not normally present in a behemoth like GAF.

When the two became one my guess was that eventually the Elcor product names would be discarded and this has come to pass. Yet I never expected the metamorphosis of the Timberline Ultra into a Prestique Plus nor the complete color copying that has taken place.

Elk had grown to a point that the loosey goosey style that the company employed to maximize creativeness could no longer be used as a business model. The company would have needed a more rigid set of rules and systems to manage the expanding business acquired over a few short decades. In other words Elcor was headed for a glass ceiling and headed there rapidly.

The merger, as the process was called, brought about a new entity that was greater than the sum of the parts. Even though GAF seemed to actually swallow Elcor whole, the two sides were treated as equals. Heads fell from both sides with the new company keeping the best and brightest from both. Elcor was not treated as a conquered company but that is what happened. Yet the processes that followed were like a merger.

This new even bigger giant did something I never expected, revolutionize the industry to the advantage of the consumer in a larger than life manner that has shaken the entire multitrillion dollar industry to it's core by adding more consumer protection than anyone expected.

The wind warranty enhancement is news in itself but pales in comparison to the lifetime non prorated material and labor warranties offered in the System Plus and Golden Pledge by us Master Elite Roofers.

We know that when we enter a home that nobody can compete with us if the consumer wants a good roof. All this re insured by Good Housekeeping, who chose GAF out of all the roofing manufacturers there are.

So if peace of mind, energy savings, longevity of product, leak protection and beauty are what you would like to get out of your roof, call a Master Elite Roofer today. He will give you this.

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