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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The New World of GAF Roofing Materials Corporation

Notice: There were errors in the first posting and they have been corrected.

Building Materials Corporation of America, the other name for GAFMC, an acronym that arose from the old name, General Aniline and Film, has made a daring and brave move. I had, at first, trepidation but am now fully in agreement with their attempt to fully conquer the roofing universe.

This company has always went above and beyond the obligations of the warranties issued and now stands poised to offer the peace of mind that the best in technology can bring. The other manufacturers are complaining that GAF has put less asphalt in the product and the charge stands true. But so have they. The cost of asphalt has skyrocketed because the greedy oil companies had found a way to squeeze more jet fuel from the asphalt, once considered the trash left over after the lighter oils and petrol chemicals had been harvested.

But GAF has added better glass mats and filler, a misunderstood term because it does more than fill. GAF has technology derived from more years and more roofs than second, third, and fourth put together. This race is comparable to the hare and the tortoise. The additional knowledge acquired from the merger with Elk has given them the confidence to allow the Master Elite Roofers the power to offer a non prorated transferable material and labor warranty of 50 years on what had been only 30. Complete coverage for a lifetime.

This is huge. The bar has been raised and we'll soon see how the other companies respond. So if your roof shows signs of fatigue, gravel loss, cracking, excessive color fading, or wrinkling, within 50 years of receiving your System Plus Warranty on GAF's flagship product, Timberline, you get a new roof. If your insurance company says you have no hail, the buyer of your home's inspector says the roof is no good, or the insurance company says your roof is uninsurable, you call GAF and us and begin the claims process.

If you have Atlas they will wait to say "NO" until you have submitted all the forms but GAF will not. The roofer takes two shingles out for samples and photographs the roof and ventilation. Even if the roof is not properly vented or is nailed to a tree, GAF will analyze the product in it's state of the art laboratory and determine why the roof has not lasted 50 years. That includes all of their shingles but the Royal Sovereign three tab. If the material is not hail damaged, vandalized, hit with shrapnel, or rubbed by tree limbs, they'll replace your roof.

But the complete coverage can only come from their highly trained contractors, the best of the best, who must pass tests, prove effective in the field, and have high moral and ethical standards equivalent to those of GAF.

We are the Master Elites and we can put composition roofs on that will outlast us all, baring Mother Nature's vengeance. But even with nature's fury the wind warranty has been enhanced to incredible heights.
Just make sure you buy the High Definition Timberline and not the Natural Shadow because the High Definition is more beautiful. Why would you stand for second best for fifty years?

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