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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Constant and Growing Demands of Roofs

Man wanted to keep his family dry and caves were in short supply due to the technological breakthrough of fire. The population soared. Thus came the need and fulfillment of the structure called a roof.
The Misses wasn't too happy because it wasn't pretty. The home designer trade was begun and a plethora of designs and colors of roofs has been expanding exponentially for thousands of years. I think there are more colors in more styles in different types by different manufacturers than their are roofing contractors. It never ceases to amaze me anymore if two neighbors end up with the same roof type and color.
Now enter the architect, the government, and the financial adviser. They want it to be energy efficient, laying up there in the furnace called the Texas sun.
Safe too? Breathing so the kids don't get sick is coming but it is still possible to buy a roof that makes you sick, as most people do. Thank God, or gods for you eastern types, and whoever for you advertisement on bus buying types ( probably nobody), that we are still free to buy bad roofing techniques from guys that have never heard of the Three Hundred Rule, the chimney effect, or the soda straw theory of fluid dynamics. This last one is the first to be theorized by a non Italian. Venturi (Mr. Spellcheck needs to go back to college) and Bernoulli had a monopoly until recently. Reminds you of the Pope doesn't it. Someday he might be a bear, a Russian one, and then the woods better look out.
Then came energy providing roofs. Photo collecting machinery became part of the system.
Finally, at this point of evolution, roofs have become gardens, commonly known as vegetative roofs. You can live or work beneath one.Talk about going full circle. Seems a lot like a cave.
No you can't eat the roof even though when we were in grade school we called some of the stuff xxxx-on-a-shingle.
You can recycle roofs though and they can be made into roads.
I wonder what's next?

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