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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Roofing Success

We've been working on a roof in Dallas on Cochran Creek the last two days and the shingles have sealed well. The roof is only a 3/12 and is two story. We followed code and two ply felted it and bumped the system with ice barrier, StormGuard, and Shinglemate felt. We have, like always, hand nailed the roofing and are issuing the System Plus Warranty. This upgrades the material warranty from a 30 year pro rated material only warranty to a full 25 year labor and 20 year material replacement policy. After that the material is prorated to the 30 year mark. In the mornings it was about 34°F and 54°F in the afternoon according to Google and his sisters at The Weather Channel and Accuweather. Even though the roof had a lower slope than usual, hence two ply felt, and the sun shined brightly on a windless day, I figured it might take two days for the shingles to seal down. They sealed within minutes. The roof is hand nailed. Bring it on baby. I'll stand behind this one up to 150 or 160mph. With the Shinglemate no wrinkle felt, Prostart starter, and our professional hand nailing of quality High Definition 30 year Timberline shingles by GAF, this roof will out perform any of the steep roofs in the barrio. She also gets the System Plus Warranty which basically removes the pro ration of the material part of the warranty and adds labor. In better lingo, the pro rated material only warranty of 30 years becomes non pro rated material for twenty, the labor to replace the roof is covered for 25 years 100% and the remaining few years is pro rated on material with labor added in. It's like a roof insurance policy, the material and adds labor. If her shingles do not perform, lose their granules, Now if we could just add a little hail to that wind my accountant might be happy. Don't forget kids, the tax credits are expiring for Energy Star windows. You still have time if you act fast.

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