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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Roofers and Charity

"The season of giving" is another name for this time of year. We've always given a little to the Shriner and other groups but we've looked to help in other ways. We tried getting with Habitat for Humanity when Kimberly Van Excel came by but it was difficult. We just wanted to donate some leftover material and donate some time. It was a slow year without any local storms and we're not storm chasers. We're professionals.

Down to Habitat's local office we went to give away some material and labor but management wanted us to bid full roofs. They had grant money that needed to be spent on the particular homes we had looked at that, in my humble opinion, did not need replacing. They needed minor repairs only. That's not how the big charity world works. You have a grant for a full roof and you use it or lose it. We went away. We didn't want to make any money but that's what they wanted us to do. So be it.

Then came GAF. One of Jo Anderson's last act as territory manager was to ask us if we would donate labor on a few homes for Habitat. This is a nationwide partnership between GAF, the GAF Master Elite contractors, and Habitat for Humanity. We'll buy some material and get reimbursed eventually.

We also donated some expertise to the Armstrong Elementary School in Highland Park that they auctioned off. Ryan did the work. Yeah Ryan. He didn't even charge me. But he wants us to do more.

I ask everyone to give just a little to those in need. Not your relatives. Find some do gooders and do some good.

I feel good...

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