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Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010

Everybody knows that you need to start practicing writing 2011, especially on checks, right now. Just like that new medicine cabinet in your new home almost gets ripped out of the wall by everyone grabbing the wrong side, so does everything else in your life. So here's my roof tips to keep up this year:
1) Keep your gutters, valleys, and back of your chimney free of debris.
2) Walk around your home one a month and visually inspect the perimeter of the foundation, eaves, and ground. Make sure you have positive drainage away from the house or those little lakes might mess up your foundation. Look for rotting wood or peeling paint.
3) Look in your attic once a month and look at the flue pipes, wiring, and deck. Check for leaks, deadly gas fumes, and potential fires.
4) Call us just before winter to look for backed out nails and a chimney inspection. You might have us look in the attic.
5) Do the roof frost inspection I talked about before. Keyword in the search bar is "frost."
6) Read my blog.
7) Hug your kids more in 2011.

We hope you've learned something and have chuckled a little, but not too much, because you might be laughing at me. A smile will do.

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