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Friday, December 24, 2010

Roofers and Christmas

While reading listen to this:
I Believe in Father Christmas (be sure to right click and open in a new tab)

I Believe in Father Christmas by one of my favorite singers

For many of our Christmas traditions you need to thank roofers.

Don't believe me? Have I lied to you before? Do I need to prove it?

Just how does Santa get into your home? First he lands on the roof. If there is no snow you'll need to call Jon Wright Roofing to fix the broken shingles unless you bought an impact resistant class IV roof.

If the sleigh landing is cushioned by snow you better hope the decking is in good shape because if Santa falls through a dwarf attorney will send you notice.

Then there is the problem with the lights. You know that you nailed them into the roof or tore up the edge by sticking something under the shingles.

If you didn't keep the mortar cap in good shape the bricks might be loose and, with old Fat Nicholas trying to break and enter, there might be some bricks dislodged.

Well there it is. We only protect the pagan rituals. The real part of Christmas, the part of which it is truly about, can only be protected by you by giving Jesus what he really wants for christmas, you.
Here's a little present:

Peanuts Christmas

Go Cowboys! Maybe next year. If Jerry would just work on the business end and let the coaches do their job they might go somewhere.

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