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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Roofs and Festivals

It's official.Winter is here. I do not use the traditional calendar to determine the official commencement of the first and last season of the year. Mine is much older and traditional and is in much greater use than this Gregorian or Christian one. I still use a form of Gregorian Chant but it is less than melodious. The melody goes something like this: darn it's cold...burr...
My toes are cold and just like that groundhog, they went back into the sack. You can't roof. Forget Rudolph's red nose and look down at your red toes. A leading cause of divorce is the selfish act of placing your steely toes upon one's spouse. Takes the moment right out.
My son is no doubtingly going to complain, like it is going to do some good. Even the magnets for picking up nails don't work as well but this is due to operator inattentiveness.
About the only roofing you can put on in this climate is wood or thatch but even there the danger level is great due to frost and numb toes.
The great long weekend is arriving making those roofers who tried to work a traditional five day work week wish they had abandoned the 14th century Christian calendar modified by modern 40 hour work week broken into five eight hour days with a lunch break and two smaller breaks. It does not work that way here. Get up, roll out of bed and drag a comb across your head...everyday but don't start a roof on Sunday and don't forget your anniversary. We do honor the birth and death of our Lord and spend those days with loved ones but lesser holidays are not in there. No President's Day, Memorial Day, or Halloween days off. The only civil roofing holiday is the Fourth of July. (Some take off on Cinco de Mayo, which translates into The Day of Drinking.)
Rainy days are our weekends. Once back in the early nineties the crews worked for a month straight without a day off. After two days of rain they were at it pretty hard. At 7:30 AM the reps from Gerard showed up at my office and came in. We decided to go to breakfast and when we open the door there were about forty trucks jamming the parking lot.
Drunk roofers everywhere. We couldn't go anywhere.
I was furious. Never in my mind could I have imagined that anyone could have said "hey, let's go to the office and get yelled at." These guys had it pent up in them pretty bad. They were standing in a pouring rain oblivious to the monsoon going on. I guess it was drowned out by the cumbias.
Party over and lesson learned. Never keep giving the men roofs back to back because they'll run themselves to death like a horse being prodded in a race.
We separated roofs with half days and repairs or just a day off. Plus the group is older now.
The Kiwis that arrived that morning were not shocked. They said the roofers in New Zealand were the same way.
The no drinking rules went into effect immediately and the 1990's went into effect. We serve O'Duols at the Christmas party and the now married men have been emasculated from lovers to providers. Plus they are daddies now.
Winter has arrived in Dallas

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