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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dallas Roof Suppliers, part 75

Back in 1992 we had the mother of all hailstorms. Shingles were scarce. The motels were full. Trying to get product was insane.
I didn't realize it at first because we were buying most of our product from Dallas Fort Worth Roofing Supply. I had even named my second son after one of the owners. What a dufus I was. We let our relationships with other suppliers wither. We had a large credit line with them and they were really big in the Dallas roof market.
We started placing ten orders every day but nothing was going out. I went down there after several phone promises of delivery had gone incomplete. I warned that if they didn't ship me something that I would never buy from them again and they didn't ship me. I was a laughing stock and Latham Roofing was knocking on my customer's doors and getting delivery the next day. Cancellation after cancellation led me to pull down the yard signs. We had waited months and were doing less business than ever. Then Spec and Pan Am Distributing came to my rescue.
I learned a lesson and held to my promise until Chuck Arista, the charismatic rep for Elk since time began and then for GAF after the hostile takeover referred to as a merger, went to work there and badgered me continually. He gets some but not as much as he would if were another roofing store.
Now we spread it around but most goes to Southern Shingles because of the attentiveness of their rep, Spencer for Hire. Plus the managers try to stock all the weird stuff we order, and I mean weird. They tell me I'm the only one that sells this stuff but if entire factories are devoted to the manufacture of these widgets then we are not alone in the wilderness.
Dallas roof stuff seams to be behind the rest of the world because when I talk about these products my competitors faces glaze over and the suppliers shrug their collective shoulders. but we persevere to find the right product for every situation.
Jon Wright Roof Dallas
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