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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roofing and Recycling in Dallas Fort Worth

Years ago in Colorado, a roofer went into the wood shingle and shake recycle. He charged roofers to dump their nearly clean cedar shingles and shakes in his yard but he charged less than the landfill. Word spread fast. He then used small chippers to grid it up for landscaping. He sold it to convenience stores, Home Depot, Lowes, landscapers and anyone who'd buy it.
Once he saturated the market he fled leaving a mountain of trash. I never heard if he was ever caught but the local authorities had to clean it up.
We've received calls about recycling our asphalt roofs but nothing has come here yet. We'd really like to do that. Some cities have rubber and polyisocyanurate recycle centers.
Country rods, pot hole repairs, retaining blocks, and other products could be made from the millions of tons of roofing thrown away into landfills annually. Just one thirty square Timberline with accessories is 10,000 lbs. of debris. Do the math if a hail storm wipes out a city.
We already, like most roofers in Dallas and Tarrant Counties, recycle aluminum and copper roofing products but we go a step further.
At a loss we cull the metal edging, flashings, stacks, lead flashings, and any other metal we can find and every once and a while sell it.
My industry needs to get with it and start a bandwagon.

Jon Wright Roofing

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