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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dallas Roofing Stories-Patio Cover Nightmare

Before story time begins I'd like to announce that the Maze nails are here. Seven times the zinc. My supplier rep, the famous Mr. Spencer, says a fifty pound box weighs twice as much as the ordinary nails from China. I'm so glad because these nails that cost twice as much would be fewer in number per pound than those made by people with guns to their heads because of all the zinc. Anyway, I feel good about using American made products. Yeah America. Yeah!
Here's todays story: We had done a redeck roof in Colleyville a few years ago and later we sided the house with Mastic's (formerly Alcoa) best soffit, the Probead. It really looks like bead board.
The rep for Mastic, Kevin, was my manager until he got that job. He's still a good friend and has a beautiful family.
Back to the story. This customer was really picky, him being a jet airliner pilot. I guess I'm glad he's picky. I can't imagine someone in his position being less than a hawk.
Everything was fine until we did his patio cover, a real nice product we purchased at Metals USA, formerly called Texas Aluminum Industries or TAI. I guess they got bigger. Get it? Texas to USA.
We purchased the product, a foam filled panel that can be used to make a room as well as a patio cover. from their location in Dallas and took it to Colleyville. After we put it up the customer noticed small dents in the panels. My foreman swore they didn't dent the panels. He reiterated that he never had a problem like this. He was sincere and I didn't believe him. Sure, right.
The panels are locked together and a caulk is used to seal them together. Taking them down ruined about $4000.00 worth of material. Se la vie.
Happily and without complaint I took it on the chin and sent my men to get more panels with the instructions to really inspect the material before it went on their truck. My foreman was adamant that he didn't dent them and I didn't care. I just wanted to buy some more and get it right.
All hell broke out. My foreman called me and said "Jon, you won't believe this. Listen." I heard a man screaming like a little girl. Mr. Buss, the jerk. Yelling and yelling.
I saw the light. We couldn't find any straight panels. All of them were dented. I was incensed. Bush was insane.
Now I asked for replacement panels. The manager was going to sell me greatly discounted panels but Buss was howling. Who was the boss here?
I had to purchase more product from them because of the way the system is engineered. We had erected a frame designed to hold up this product. I was trapped. I was screwed and they knew it. I called corporate and went up the ladder until the last no was given.
We tore down the patio cover and had to tie it back into the roof when we rebuilt it.
They'll lose more money than I. They could have split the difference with me but they chose to make an enemy out of me. This is too bad because the two guys out front are so nice and helpful and Metals USA also owns Gerard, manufacturers of a fine stone coated steel roof product. My rep from them is a great guy.
Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
The homeowner loves his patio cover. It's very nice. You might say it is twice as nice as it has to be.
Jon Wright Roofing in Dallas
I can't afford to do business with Metals USA.

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