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Monday, October 11, 2010

JJon Wright's Minimum Roof Recommendations

What do I think should be the minimum roof and roof deck standards here in Dallas Fort Worth? Well, since it will never snow twelve inches (again) here my recommendations may be a little strong but here is what I believe:
Never shingle beneath a 3/12 pitch whereas a 2/12 is currently permitted.
Two ply of whatever felt you are using, even synthetic felt, from a 3/12 to a 4/12. Currently you need to install two ply felt on any slope beneath a 4/12 down to a 2/12 pitch.
No dimensional shingles shall be permitted beneath a 4/12 pitch.
On all composition roofs beneath a 4/12 a leak barrier should be used on all penetrations, roof to walls, and overhangs two feet past the warm wall.

Here's my minimum decking requirements concerning plywood and OSB. If tongue and groove two by's are used the requirements change.
Minimum thickness should be 5/8" decking with edge support. That's "H" clips to the rookies. Rafters should not exceed two foot on center spacing.

Here's the ventilation standard: the 300 Rule with 50% exhaust and 60% intake. Yeah I know but as intake gets dirty a little extra won't hurt.

I would like to see hand nailing required but it's okay because a few of us in the Dallas Roof community have this as part of our arsenal of quality. We also now offer the Maze nail, the last American roofing nail manufacturer. These nails have seven times as much zinc coating making the steel base safe from corrosion. Those made by Chinese people with guns to their head are cheap. Wouldn't you really rather pay a little more for a shirt made by free people rather than nine year old girls chained to looms with no bathroom breaks and scars on their backs from the whipping. Caves fuel too since those behemoth tankers don't have to sail the seas, even though they have motors and no sails.

Starter shingles should be used to keep me from feeling guilty every time I lean my ladder against a roof and the shingles crack. Painters hate starter shingles. So do cheap roofers who can't even spell quallitty.

The current 20 year three tab should be banned also. I mean the grass will grow through them. A few years ago they killed grass but they have gotten so thin now that gobs more can be shipped on a semi. A truckload is more, but actually less because a lot is paper wrappers, self seal adhesive, non stick together cellophane strips, pallets, pallet wrapping, and granules. The cut out part is the asphalt.
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