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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Made in America Roofing, Dallas Roof

At Jon Wright Roofing we've gone overboard with made in America products. GAF, Certainteed, Tamko, and Gerard products are good old USA made. In fact, the asphalt shingles are mostly made in Texas. Our metal edging is made in San Antonio by DOT Metals.
Although Master Flow ventilation products are made in North Carolina and much of the Gerard is made in Brea, California, those places are not China and nobody has a gun to their head, at least not their boss.
I toured the Gerard plant back in 1993 and have seen the GAF factory over on Singleton Blvd., Dallas, more times than I can remember. GAF bought the old Elk plant in Ennis.
Those people in Ennis love Elk.
Even our siding is made here in Texas. We've been to the Mastic Siding and Alcoa Siding plants in Gainsville, Texas.
Ken Moritz, who worked for me from 1983 until about 2000 like it so much he moved to Gainesvile.
Gerard makes some of its metal stone coated steel products in Mesquite.
Our nail is now American on request and it is seven times the nail the Chinese make but costs over double. Plus you get less nails because of all the galvanized coating on the nail.
That leaves us with the plastic cap a small nail with a plastic gasket used to hold the roofing felt down. They are made in China by prisoners with guns to their minds. We'll rectify this one way or another. If we go back to tin caps, which are sometimes mismade stamps of bottle caps, (yes Mr. Spell Check, you are wrong. Mismake is a word and mismade is it's past tense) We may achieve 100% American. If we can't then I'd like to at least buy from our friends like Mexico or England. Maybe Czechs or Poles because they love us. But not China. I do like Chines food though.
We do not concern ourselves with the raw materials because those get mixed up in the global market. I'd just like to keep Chavez oil off my roofs if at all possible.
Our auto caulks are made on Mars. The ones we bought at Home Depot, when our wholesaler supplied ones ran out, went bad in a few years. Leaks were everywhere and the grommet was no where to be found. We stock up on them now so our weekend and holiday roofing experiences will be pleasant and fulfilling. And so will our customers.
I'm going to put my foot down on this one.
Once I've completed my checklist I'll update this blog.
I can here Bruce Springsteen singing now.
Jon Wright Dallas Roof

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