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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dallas Roofing Supply Companies

Dallas Roofing Contractors have many roofing wholesalers or roofing suppliers to choose from. The service on different ones varies but you find out what they're made of when they make a mistake and cost a contractor money or customer relations. So here's a few of my snafu stories of wholesalers getting it wrong and what they did about it.
Back in 1981 I sold a built up roof in Richardson on a i/12 pitch. My experience level wasn't too great but I already had developed the skill of reading and I used it a lot. I followed the rules and used type IV asphalt, a type that has a different softening point than the ordinary type III asphalt that we use one most built up roofs.
These BUR roofs consist of several layers of roofing felts mopped together to form something like one giant shingle on a roof. There are different types of papers and toppings used. Now we use either SBS cap sheets or coatings instead of the gravel we used back then for protection from ultra violet degradation. Asphalt is organic and the sun destroys it. (That's why scuffed shingles deteriorate, because it is not just cosmetic. It is catastrophic damage.)
The roof started to migrate when the sun came out. The gravel started moving down hill and pushed the strip in felts off the gravel guard.
There was some field felt slippage as evidenced by the two or three places where the gravel had parted but not much. This was repairable with some back nailing and surface repairs but the migrating gravel was not repairable.
I called the Trumbell Asphalt rep, Steve Krystosik, a million times and he wouldn't return my calls. Finally Owens Corning, the mother of Trumbell Asphalt, sent to large men out to do Krystoskc's job. They refused my claim and left me out to dry. I spent over $6000.00 in 1981 dollars plus a couple of days work to make good on the job.
I find it hard to believe I can sell Owens Corning or Trumbell products and believe in them. Rephrased, I can't afford to sell their products.
Steve's a great guy and now he's doing nothing for Tamko Roofing products now. He has taken care of business there. When we got a bad batch of shingles from them once he made good on everything. They sent out more bad shingles the second time but eventually got it right and reimbursed me my expenses.
Tamko is good but they are behind the times on design, color, class IV products, and a contractor program with enhanced warranties.
Spec shipped the wrong color once and they made good on it eventually but then their gambling and drug addicted salesman (I found this out later) messed up some orders and never told anyone. Spec said I owed money and I kept asking for receipts. All I got was paperwork with weights on it. I do not buy roofing by the pound.
I faxed over an order with the color Ash Brown and he said he thought it was Aut Brown, short for Autumn Brown. What a weasel. I didn't get paid. Spec didn't get paid. I lost money.
I can't afford to buy from Spec although they are real nice people.
Once Spec shorted me a bunch of Celotex Presidential Roofing which is now made by Certainteed. I asked and asked to no avail. Then when I got 33 squares of 20 year shingles instead of the 33 bundles I ordered and was invoiced for, I told them that they had over shipped a job and wouldn't tell them where it was until I got my credit.
All they could imagine is a rogue driver over shipping jobs everywhere. In order to stop the bleeding they consented.
Still, not good business. Plus Steve stole the money I was paying them and they wouldn't listen to me. Since then they have lost millions in business.
More Dallas Roofing Stories later. I've got to go pick up my son from school now.

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