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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do You Still Love Me Dallas Roof

It was a dark and stormy night and we were getting our third real test on the roof. Did Jon Wright do what he said he would? Put on a good roof?
So far no one has called in a warranty today. We're putting a roof on every couple of days right now and they are really complicated jobs.
The big church roof on Saint Stephens Presbyterian Church on West Grauwyler, Irving, was really tough. We did other roofs in Dallas last week.
Next week we go to Arlington to do a roof that came from this blog, The Roof forum. The article on valleys, plus his contractors inattention, caused this man to flip.
We are doing the son of a previous customer in Ennis, a referral from GAF in Carrollton, and the church has been one of our customers for about 26 years. I've been God's customer my whole life.
Not a dime on advertising.
Some good energy efficient roof systems are coming up in Dallas. Ventilation, Techshield radiant barrier deck, insulation, and a big patio. pictures are promised. Wait until you see what we did at the church.

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