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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Order of Roofing

Not referring to clergy or Masonic groups. Sequence is le sujet du jour. From start to finish.
Determine if you need a roof by calling your insurance carrier or several roofers. Probably the insurance is most likely to tell the truth but their criteria is damage. Age is another as well as quality of installation.
If you determine you need a new roof select one based on your economic needs and abilities. Influences are determined by how long you'll stay in the home, insurance premiums and the class IV discount, energy needs and costs based on high emissivity roofing or radiant barrier deck. HOA's can limit your selection. So might your wife. And don't forget your pride in home ownership.
Select a roofer with insurance, who is certified by GAF, CertainTeed, or Owens Corning. Atlas doesn't count. If you go metal check the roofer's track record and credit. Hammer away at the Google bar like Dick Tracy or someone from Criminal Minds.
If the roofer doesn't do an attic inspection, without some excuse like he'll do it if he gets the job or you are going to redeck, throw his name out of the running. How can you check out a roof system without looking at it from all angles. That means from above, below, and a stroll around the home.
Go over the contract with particular concern for roof accessories, guarantees, payment options, and manufacturer's roof warranty.

Part II, the roof process.
Order materials. Schedule a date. Take the Rembrandt, Matisse, and Van Gogh paintings down. Move the cars.
The roofers check the weather.
Tear off or remove the roof in almost all cases.
Install appropriate dry sheet or sheets as per the IRC and the manufacturer's specifications for this Dallas Roofing Project.
Install perimeter metal and integrate with the felt, which is dome differently on the rakes as compared to the eaves.
Replace flashings not matter what USAA and Allstate say. They are very negligent here and would prefer you had an inferior roof than paying you for what they owe you.
Install roofing.
Install ventilation system based on a balanced intake/exhaust 300 Rule minimum.
Clean the roof, ground and attic.
Inspect the attic and furnace and hot water flues.
Check the roof for exposed or high nails.
Recheck roof.
Pick up check.
Pay roofers.
Pay supplier.
Pay yourself.
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Dallas Roofer
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